CPU REVIEW: Bloody ML160 Laser Gaming Mouse

2016-05-25 From:ComputerPowerUser
PC gamers are particular when it comes to their peripherals, especially mice. And for good reason. The mouse is the key to movement, combat, exploration, and virtually every activity you partake in when gaming. Comfort, sensitivity, speed, and style are all important factors to consider, and if the ML160 Laser Gaming Mouse is any indication, Bloody understands each one well. I was immediately intrigued by the ML160 because of its shape, which is reminiscent of one of my favorite mice, the Corsair M65 (I currently own two of ‘em). The mouse body is on the larger side and there’s a smooth matte black plastic top panel with a textured black plastic on the sides of the unit. A backlit Bloody logo glows in seven different colors under your palm. The mouse wheel and numeric keypad are both backlit as well. While the M65 has an aluminum panel and Teflon-coated pads underneath, Bloody flips the script and uses a silver plastic for the bottom of the mouse and metal pads, called X’Glide Pro Metal, for the mouse feet. They look like anodized pink aluminum pads (we’ve heard that red anodizing is a very hit or miss process), but when using the mouse on a variety of mousing surfaces, we felt little friction. - See more at: …
  • CPU REVIEW: Bloody B740A Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard

    2016-05-04 From:ComputerPowerUser
    At the highest levels of competition, eSports athletes look for anything that will give them an edge, however slight. Would you expect anything less from professional gamers who live, eat, and play together? The pros are constantly on the lookout for innovations that can make them faster, more accurate, and deadlier. Mechanical keyboards quickly gained popularity in competitive circles because their light actuation force, especially in Red and Brown keyswitches, facilitated the kind of quick-twitch responses that separates winners from losers. Of course, once enough people caught on, mechanical keyboards ceased to be a secret weapon. Peripheral manufacturer Bloody wants to keep you ahead of the curve, and the company has a trick up its sleeve that might do just that. - See more at: …
  • CPU REVIEW: Bloody TL80 Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse

    2016-05-03 From:ComputerPowerUser
    Point, click, kill—the concept is painfully simple, and yet here we are in 2016, still searching for the perfect gaming mouse. Now, given the diversity of games today, this mythical peripheral will never truly exist, but that doesn’t stop manufacturers from trying. Enter Bloody, which puts its best foot forward with the TL80 Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse. We can see why the TL80 Terminator would have mass appeal. With the exception of a pair of thumb buttons, the mouse has an ambidextrous body, and the silver and black color scheme pairs with nearly any build. It’s plenty comfortable to use, too. The real game changer, according to Bloody, is the TL80’s use of the company’s proprietary LK (Light Strike) technology. Instead of using typical metal switches beneath the mouse’s main left and right buttons, Bloody incorporates switches with infrared light sensors that register a click when a small beam of infrared light is interrupted. It’s the same concept behind Bloody’s LK mechanical keyboards, and it yields the same benefit. The infrared switches eliminate the metal bouncing effect, which introduces a small amount of peripheral-side latency (up to 30ms, Bloody indicates). As a result, the TL80’s infrared light technology cuts the switches’ response time to 0.2ms. Incidentally, Bloody uses the same technology in the mouse’s scroll wheel. - See more at: …
  • Bloody B740A review: the fastest gaming keyboard on earth?

    2016-04-02 From:GamerDino
    Most gaming keyboards aim to offer two things: super-fast response time, and a nice, defined button click. There are some models, however, which dare stray from the norm. Take the Bloody B740A by A4Tech as an example: it’s a rare, even exotic kind of mechanical keyboard, which attempts to achieve even faster response times by using innovative infra-red switches. Forget about the traditional metal switches that click and sound like an old typewriter – the Bloody B740 replaces that with a small infrared beam underneath each button. Upon being pressed, the button actuates the beam, and there you have it – contact! …
  • Bloody B720 Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard & ZL50 Sniper Laser Gaming Mouse

    2016-04-01 From:ComputerPowerUser
    It takes a lot for gaming peripherals to really surprise us these days. We’ve seen different keyboards with every type of mechanical keyswitch available, and gaming mice that promise to be the pinnacle of comfort, regardless of grip type. Now, most of these aren’t bad products, but originality and innovation can be hard to come by. Leave it to peripheral maker Bloody to change our minds. It would be easy to view the B720 as Just Another Mechanical Keyboard and move on, but there’s some cool tech in play that deserves to be discussed. The keyswitches in the B720 rely on infrared light sensors to actuate, rather than a traditional mechanical keyswitch design. As you might imagine, this confers a number of benefits. - See more at: …
  • Bloody T5: a great budget gaming mouse (review)

    2016-03-31 From:GamerDino
    COOL LOOKS AND SATISFYING BUILD The Bloody T5, which is almost identical to the T50 that’s offered in some markets, has one of the most distinct exterior designs I’ve seen. It’s part of Bloody’s “Terminator” line, but sticks with a slightly more down-to-earth, yet still expressive exterior. Despite the light gray side panels that may look like metal, it’s sadly an all-plastic affair, except the signature mouse legs, which are metal. Still, the materials and finishes are very well selected, and using the mouse is a joy. It’s ambidextrous, it feels nice to the touch, and the only element that gives off a slight cheapo feel are the thumb forward/backward buttons. All other buttons, including the two-way switch on top click in a satisfyingly defined manner. The scroll wheel is mostly fine, though clicking it could have required a little less pressure. …
  • Bloody B740A Light Strike Keyboard Review

    Since the advent of the mechanical keyboards, it was only a matter of time before the market became saturated with a plethora of very similar products and options. A4TECH’s very own “bloody” division has brought forth the next evolution in mechanical keyboards, boldly daring to replace the actual switch with Light Strike technology: silent switches that operate by breaking a beam of infrared light. This not only provides the fastest possible response speed, but also adds several inherited benefits from the technology. The B740A is only one of the 15 models using the Light Strike technology at Bloody. Read more at …
  • Bloody V8 & R8 review: this mouse is art!

    2016-03-23 From:GamerDino
    Many gaming mice can slide around with sky-high DPI settings and help you obliterate enemies, but how many of those actually look good while doing it? Very few, actually. But meet the Bloody V8 and R8 by A4Tech – these are two of the best-looking gaming mice I have ever seen! The V8 and R8 gaming mice by A4Tech-owned Bloody are almost identical in their design and characteristics. There are two major differences between the V8 and R8: the V8 has a clean black matte surface, and is a wired mouse, while the R8 features a characteristic image of a skull, and works wirelessly. …