TL8A Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse

2015-07-27 From:Gaming Nexus
There are tons of options out there for gaming mice, ranging from the uber expensive to the affordable diamonds in the rough. I’ve been loyal to the Steel Series Xai for a couple of years now, but I have been getting the feeling that it was time to upgrade. Before I even got a chance to begin shopping around, I had one fall into my lap: the bloody TL8A Terminator Laser Gaming Mouse. It turns out that I am not going to have to do any shopping because I am more than thrilled with this little piece of hardware. It is clear from the outset that the TL8A is an incredibly solid mouse by design. Sporting a combination of hardened plastic and smooth rubber on the body as well as textured rubber on the primary buttons, the ergonomic design is incredibly comfortable. It also proves to be incredibly functional as well in terms of limiting sweat on your hand(s) during extended gameplay sessions. Both sides of the mouse are grooved, which allows air to flow underneath where you grip the mouse on each side. This keeps your hands cool and from getting too wet, which is an issue I have deal with personally in the past. …
  • Review : Bloody Terminator TL7 Gaming Mouse

    2015-06-25 From:PC Enthusiast
    A4Tech’s Bloody Terminator TL7 gaming mouse tries to do a lot of things all at once, and for the most part, it achieves them. It’s an attractive, comfortable and reactive mouse with software that puts a lot of options at your fingertips. While it’s gaming software may be considered unethical by some, it’s certainly powerful, and it’s your choice whether to use it or it not. …
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    Bloody (New Optical Keyboard Switch), - Computex 2015 …
  • 2013 China Joy- Bloody Launched World's Fastest Mechanical Keyboard

    2013.7.27 Bloody at China Joy announced press release of Worlds' Fastest Mechanical Keyboard and invited Bloody fans to join us! …
  • 2013 China Joy Expo

    ChinaJoy China's Gaming Expo launched in Shanghai International Exhibition Center on July 25th 2013. Bloody released all new gaming peripherals with innovative technology. …
  • Bloody Headshot V7 Gaming Mouse Review

    2013-07-22 From:College News
    It’s those other users that A4Tech is focusing on with the Headshot V7 gaming mouse, implementing features that will take your gaming to a plateau that you’ve never experienced. With three internal cores, its own memory, special design located at nearly every turn, and software designed to give users an experience that exceeds anything used before it …
  • Falling in at a reasonable price tag, this customizable mouse is sure to give FPS players of any level some advantage over the competition.

    With the near zero friction metal feet included on the mouse, this makes the Bloody Headshot feel like it is actually floating on the desk. Unlike mice with plastic feet that drag on the desk, this mouse slides so well, it doesn't even feel like it’s touching anything. After a month of using it, there is absolutely no indication of wear to the feet …
  • The Bloody mouse is perfect for FPS fans, but even those hoping to dabble in different genres will get something out of it.

    2013-07-18 From:Gamer Heroes
    It certainly feels better, with rubberized side grips and a nifty track wheel with just the right grooves. It even has a nice glow on both the Bloody hand print logo and the wheel. Looks aren’t everything, but the mouse certainly makes a nice impression at first glance. …