“Review: A4Tech Multi-Core GUN 3 Gaming Mouse”

The mouse is very comfortable and has a nice form factor. It actually has an indentation on the right side for your ring-finger. …
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    The box is impressive, even coming with a pack of three replacement mouse feet while having the same uparmored functionality of more expensive gaming mice …
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    "The ergonomics of the mouse are really top notch. I was able to play for three hours straight, and I never had to stop and massage my wrist. I have to say that this is my favorite gaming mouse," …
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    The feel of the mouse is natural and comfortable, and the fact that there are macros that can be built into the core functionality of the device is pretty slick as well. …
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    This mouse might very well be for you- a powerful new weapon in the gaming arms war. …
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    All of the macro adjustments are in real time. So this mouse is indeed a secret weapon in your online multiplayer arsenal. …
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    A4Tech scores another win with one more well-made and solid mouse that’s well worth tracking down. …
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    gaming mouse that can be used in everyday life as well as increase your performance in game all while being comfortable, then the A4TECH V3 Bloody Gun3 Gaming Mouse is something you should check out. …