Time: 2018-11-20


LOS ANGELES – November 15, 2018 — Limit, a world-renowned World of Warcraft® raiding guild, and Bloody Gaming, the innovative PC gaming peripheral brand born from the legendary A4Tech line of products, announced a partnership that names Bloody Gaming the Official Peripheral Partner for Limit as they continue their progression through World of Warcraft® Battle for Azeroth™.

A key component of the partnership will see Limit create exclusive content and consult with Bloody Gaming on the creation of their future products, including providing feedback on designs and features the players would like to see included. Now armed with Bloody Gaming’s next level peripherals, Limit stands ready to further cement their presence in the competitive gaming space.

“We design our products to help players reach their full potential by constantly innovating peripheral technologies,” said Bill Hsu, North American Division Director for Bloody Gaming. “With Limit’s passionate fan base, talented players and dedication to be the best, we’re excited to see Limit take on some of the biggest challenges ahead to achieve their goals of becoming the world’s top World of Warcraft® guild with our world’s fastest gaming technology in their hands.”

Bloody Gaming has been at the forefront of PC peripheral research for over 30 years, pushing the limits of technology and providing gamers with the tools they need to reach their peak potential. Featuring keyboards that incorporate their revolutionary Light Strike (LK) optical switch technology, Bloody Gaming’s keyboards deliver the world’s fastest response time thanks to its inclusion of infrared light actuators, resulting in 30% faster inputs when compared to traditional mechanical keyboards. Additionally, Bloody Gaming headsets incorporate their all-new proprietary M.O.C.I technology that delivers crystal-clear sound with a comfortable, flexible frame designed to reduce headaches brought on by extended gaming sessions.

"When we saw the innovation that Bloody Gaming is bringing to the table, the decision to work with them was an easy one. Not only will they equip our team with the best quality gear out there, but we look forward to partnering with them to bring new and exciting content, as well as being able to give back to the community." Through this exciting partnership, Bloody Gaming will outfit Limit with its bleeding-edge- keyboards, mice, and headsets for use in training and competition, while Limit will assist Bloody Gaming in expanding its brand presence in the North American competitive raiding scene through content creation and carrying its logo into battle on streams during the coveted world-first race.

Fans of the organization can use the coupon code “LIMITGUILD” on Amazon to gain select discount on products the team will use – including the 9HUNDRED Series of Optical Gaming Keyboards and recently launched Signature Pro series of Optical Gaming Mice.


About Limit

Limit was founded in early 2015 from top raiding guilds across North America. Setting their eyes on beating other North American guilds, while also improving their own world rankings, they took their first NA #1, World 7th rank in Hellfire Citadel, tackling Mythic Archimonde and sealing their fate as a force to be reckoned with. As they've climbed the world ranks tier after tier, it became clear after taking World 2nd on Mythic G'huun, that there was only one more thing to do, and that was to push for World First... something they will do in January 2019 when they face Mythic Jaina Proudmore in Battle of Dazar'alor.

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About Bloody Gaming

Bloody Gaming traces its roots to the legendary A4TECH line of PC peripherals established in 1987. With over 30 years of experience, Bloody Gaming marks the culmination of decades of research and development focused on bringing gamers a premium line of products developed for those seeking the ultimate gaming gear. Featuring some of the most advanced and innovative technology in the space, including the new Light Strike (LK) equipped keyboards, Bloody Gaming peripherals promise to provide gamers with the competitive edge they seek. After 10+ years of R&D, exclusively in the PC gaming sector, gaming is a passion for us; it’s who we are… it’s in our blood.

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